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Finn Dragon

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► Finn picture books are among the most popular read-aloud books for kids aged 4-8► Short animations and interactive features turn the story into a witty adventure► Includes an exciting memory game and fun puzzle with two levels of difficultyFinn has gotten into trouble again, and this time it wasn’t even on purpose. But he manages to get out before it’s too late. After crossing hedges, hopping fences, and running along Medieval walls, he suddenly enters the land of knights and castles. But wait, what’s that? An evil dragon is on the loose and is trying to storm the castle. Luckily, Finn has a plan up his sleeve.
In this app, young children go on a knightly adventure with Finn and his buddies! Thanks to short animations and interactive features, children ride directly into the world of knights and castles. Silly sounds, a puzzle, and a memory game make the app an exciting experience for children and parents alike.
Irene Wellershoff and Jan Birck wow us once again with their Finn books - bold, imaginative, and with big heart!